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Sima defines herself as an artist in the truest sense and having many creative outlets that includes singing, acting, dancing, and painting. Her acting career took flight when she returned from Australia and enrolled in both acting classes at Equity Showcase,Pro Actors Lab and film acting at EVN Studios. Sima honed her acting technique by doing independent and student films which, to her amazement, led to work in many feature films. Since then, she has landed roles in movies and TV shows and has not only attracted the attention of the industry but also built an impressive catalog of work that includes some of the most memorable titles the world has seen. She can also be seen in print ads for fashion designers in New York City and Los Angeles where she continues to travel to. Her weekly schedule may look something like a scatter brained artist...One day she might be on a Canadian film set, the next on the stage of Tattoo Rock Parlour singing with a bunch of different indie artists, another day shell just stay home painting for 12 hours whole doing vocal practice and cooking healthy meals... Auditioning for roles in major TV programs and Motion Pictures, and can be seen playing the role of Abigail Tunstall in Murdoch Mysteries.

"A sexy new sound"

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